Thought for the Day in Epiphany

Show and tell is a grand way of getting people to talk. I remember a man who collected things agricultural, things industrial, things domestic and things just weird. He would place these objects on a table and get you to workout what they were they used for in years gone by.

There was this large set of scissors come tongues,with blobs of metal on each end of the grabbing bit. I remember working out they were for leading bulls which had not got a ring in their noses. Show and tell!

From birth to when Jesus hit his ministry. Thirty odd years in very few texts and a whole lot of tradition. The season from Epiphany to Lent is strewn with edited highlights of who Jesus was and who he was to become.

In the readings set for the various Sundays in this period we are given glimpses of Jesus through the characters and events of His earliest life.

Welcome to the Epiphany ‘Show and Tell!’ on “Impressions from St. Pete’s”.

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