Services & Opening Times

In line with guidance from the Church of England’s Archbishops and the UK Government during the global Coronavirus pandemic, our building is now closed for both public and private prayer until further notice.

The community of Huddersfield Parish Church of St. Peter is still very much here and praying and worshipping together at a physical distance, however.

Remembering that we are all one in Christ our Saviour, joining together in Spiritual Communion and continuing to offer worship and prayer during these challenging times helps to sustain our common life and keep our sisters and brothers in Christ close in spirit, if not physically.

You’re most welcome to join us when we gather using the technology available to us, whether you’re a regular church-goer or have never been before. Find more information and celebrate with us using the links below:

Resources for use at home:

Mon – Fri at 9am: Morning Prayer
Mon – Fri at 8pm: Evening Prayer
Sun at 10am: Sunday Service including the Eucharist

Sun at 10am: Sunday Service including the Eucharist

We would be delighted to welcome you to worship with us. All are welcome who seek a friendly space to worship God.

As and when we are able to open our building once again, we look forward to welcoming you back to our regular pattern of opening times, worship and prayer and committing once again to being “Open, warm and welcoming.”

Monday to Friday
08:30am | Morning Prayer

08.00am | Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
10.00am | Parish Communion for all ages (with Children’s Church)
15.00pm | Evensong

12.35pm | Holy Communion (a shorter lunch-time service)

We are open weekdays from 8.30am4.00pm.

On Saturdays we usually open between 10.00am and 2.00pm.

Because we rely on volunteers to open the church on Saturdays, please phone the Parish Office if you are intending to visit us to ensure that the church will be open.

Come and light a prayer candle, tour our historic church, or simply sit and be still.