Bell Ringing

Huddersfield Parish Church is a ten bell tower. The bells are rung during major festivals and weddings to call people to worship, and to let people know that worship is going on at the heart of our town. We practice ringing on a Tuesday evening from 7.30pm until 9.00pm.

The peal of ten bells was refurbished in 1995. All ten bells were re-hung with work carried out by Pembletons of Derbyshire.

This prayer was written for the event of the re-dedication:

“O Lord you have given us the skill of bell-ringing
Let each of us, as we ring, acknowledge the message they send
a message which proclaims your glory
a message which declares your love for all
a message that calls all to this place to learn more of the faith
that you have given to us. AMEN.”

We are moving towards being able to ring regularly on a Sunday morning. Practice nights consist of everything from rounds to Surprise Major and some Cinques and Royal. The more friends appear the more complex the evening!

We have a Facebook page that you can access here.

Our history of peals and quarters is logged on Ringing World Bellboard that you can access here.

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  1. MG says:

    I think the sound of these bells is absolutely beautiful and long may they – and you – keep ringing. I’m always happy when I’m passing when I hear them begin. And I always stop to listen. Tonight, I stopped and video the sound of the bells to send to an English friend who now lives in New Zealand and misses the sound.

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