Today is Good Friday

Christians gather at Huddersfield Parish and then follow a cross around the town centre. A hundred or so individuals witness to the death of Jesus upn that cross. Come and share this solemn occasion.

Palm Sunday Celebrations

PALM SUNDAY – TRIUMPHAL ENTRY INTO JERUSALEM Sunday 20th March 10.00 am At St Peter’s on Palm Sunday we will be witnesses to Jesus arriving in Jerusalem – walking (weather permitting) around St. Peter’s garden and back in to church. We shall process behind a donkey (a donkey masked child) and offer palm crosses to…

Watch a Film

Look at Lent through a film. Find the Christ figure or the salvation moment.

Candlemas Celebrations

This Sunday (31 January) Huddersfield Parish Church celebrates the feast of Candlemas and the main service will be light centred and take the form of a Christingle. Come along and celebrate the last day of Christmas  – with a Christingle!

You’re Welcome

Christmas Services at Huddersfield Parish Church. YOU ARE WELCOME!!

Palm Sunday

Sunday 29th March 2015 at Huddersfield Parish Church The beginning of the Holy Week account of Jesus’ last days. Weather permitting, we will be processing in St. Peter’s gardens at the start of the service. We will re-live Jesus washing his disciple’s feet and move on to a re-enactment of Jesus’”Last Supper”. Watch out for…