Choir Taster Days – The Vision.


Huddersfield Parish Church has historically a strong musical tradition, based around a well trained and structured four part choir. In days-gone-by this would have been based upon the sound from a boy treble line, made up of between a dozen and twenty boys, supported by alto, tenor and bass voices. This tradition was lost in the late 1990’s but today’s Vicar, Churchwardens, Parochial Church Council and present musicians would like to reintroduce this musical experience and training, with a mixed top line of boys and girls.

To this end, St. Peter’s Church is holding a number of taster sessions, free to schools and individuals to experience this type of musical training first hand. Daniel Robert’s the Choir Master at the Parish Church, is studying for a postgraduate degree in music at the University of Huddersfield. Daniel has been inspired by music from an early age and has the enthusiasm to pass on his skills.

We have therefore designed a series of ‘Come and Sing—Chorister Taster Workshops’ which schools are being invited to attend. We are hoping this offer will be seen as a worthwhile experience in itself as classes engage with music, culture and our tradition at the Parish Church. For those who are interested, these sessions could also open the door to formal musical training. The taster days are free to the school at the point of contact.

If you have year or class groups that would be interested,  could you could please contact the parish email as soon as possible. Initially we are looking at limiting each session to eighty or so pupils, on a first come first served basis. The Saturdays will be open to anyone, although an e mail would be appreciated.


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