Say One For Me, Vicar…!

Huddersfield Parish Church takes their lead from the Bishop of Wakefield in the call to ‘Say one for me Vicar..!’

Rev’d Canon Simon Moor would tell you : “You’d be surprised how many times a week someone stops a parish priest in the street or calls to them:

“Say one for me…! ”.

Well the Bishop of Wakefield and now St Peter’s has taken this to heart. This Ash Wednesday people are being given the opportunity to have their prayers offered by leaving a prayer outside St Peter’s Church Huddersfield.

‘Prayer Lilies’ – folded squares of paper, on to which words of prayer have been written, will be placed in a large tray filled with water. After a few seconds the fold open and the prayer is revealed and ‘offered’. Each message will be prayed again during that week.

This is a simple way to reach out to people and we are linking in with a national
Church House initiative for Ash Wednesday, inspired by the Bishop of Worcester collecting prayers in a job centre last year.  Indeed, on Ash Wednesday the Bishop of Wakefield Stephen Platten will be in the Ridings Shopping Centre Wakefield, where it is expected to match hundreds of prayers left in the first week of Lent in 2011.

“It is quite astonishing and sometimes very moving,” says the Rev’d Canon Simon Moor: “Of those ‘Say one for me Vicar… some are very simple and some more complex. – most stirring and heart felt.”

The Prayer station will be outside St. Peter’s Church on Ash Wednesday 22nd February between the hours of 11.30am and 1.30pm.

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