Two New Tabs

A week of discovery and two new ‘tabs’ appear on the Huddersfield Parish Church Web Site.

First of all during the week the clergy were meeting in the Vicarage study for a morning chained to the desk. They started with morning prayer, but with no Common Worship books at hand turned to the computer. Simon brought up multi-windows with the service, psalm and readings on separate displays; workable but Jurassic in its application. The thoroughly modern curate directs the Vicar to a page that does it all for you.

A simple e mail and the Parish WordPress Whizz makes the connections on our web site and you too can now have the morning, evening and night office at the touch of a button.

Just click on the tab which says: Daily Worship

These offices are used daily by the clergy – why not join them – if not in body perhaps in spirit?

Secondly a thought provoking use of modern forms of communication is to be found on the tab marked: Media

There is also a post on Impressions From St.Pete’s concerning the media clip.

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