Baptism is…..

Recently Canon Rachel preached on the Baptism of Christ. Below is a response to the questions asked in that sermon from Andrew, a current member of our community of faith, which we thought some of you might appreciate (especially the Town fans!)

Baptism is …….by Andrew Lockhart-Mirams

Going through the turnstile for the first time with a lifelong season ticket.

The lifelong season ticket covers an interesting range of life events: –

  • You go to every match – home or away
  • You go to selected home games
  • You cheer when your team wins the Championship
  • You give your team up when they are relegated
  • You foul mouth the manager
  • You cheer the replacement manager
  • The referee is always right or a cheat
  • You detest the supporters of the other side, but usually only for the game in hand, before you move to the next match
  • You go back to the first home game of the next season and complain that your seat is harder than it was, and the view of the home end is obscured
  • You complain that the bar prices have gone up – again
  • You warm to the team as they progress
  • You start taking your children as juniors
  • And at last, you cheer them to victory again.

And more or less all the same happens in our Christian journey.

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