Pew Bibles


You will all be aware that we have had Pew Bibles around the Church for some time, they were placed in Church following work done by Marion before she took up her incumbency in Rastrick.

You may also have noticed that they have become rather tatty looking, hopefully as a result of being read! Also a number have been taken away, again hopefully to be used by the person for guidance and support. This is part of our mission work to the wider community, but is not an aspect that we can directly quantify.

At the February PCC meeting the Stewardship Group was asked to look at this provision and make suggestions. The feeling of the group was that the provision of Bibles in Church is important and relevant, but that the cheap paperback books that we had provided had not proved to be fit for purpose. This had not been anticipated, but we should be encouraged that they have been taken and used both in and out of Church. 

Our solution is to provide hardback versions of the Bible, which will look better in the pews and be more durable, but will still run the risk of being taken. This is something we have to recognise and accept in terms of our mission.

The proposed Bible version is the New Revised Standard Version and these can be purchased for around £10. It is thought that 14 to 16 are required to be spread around in the pews for congregation and visitors to use as needed. 

The Stewardship Group thought that members of the congregation and other supporters might wish to help fund these Bibles in memory of a loved one and for a donation of £10 we can purchase these and have a frontspiece placed in them to indicate the donor and person remembered. 

Please get in touch with Mike Bembridge who will be coordinating the project (directly or through the Parish Office) if you would like to help. Thanking you in anticipation.

M.Bembridge, Chair of Stewardship Group. 

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