Two Inspirational Days.

Two days of variety.

All Soul’s Eucharist with names remembered.Thanks to Janet for her ‘word. A adult baptism and a marriage; both perfect and completely individual. The evening completed with a beer, and curry and entertainment evening.

Today the dedication of the garden of remembrance in the old market square in Huddersfield, the unveiling of a memorial plaque after a service of remembrance of those who perished in the ‘Booth Fire Disaster’ October 1941, then a Diocesan Confirmation of ten individuals at St. Peter’s.

Thanks to Bishop Stephen for his attentiveness throughout the day with every one he met and interacted with in the two services.

Thanks to Richard for all his nervousness and enthusiasm in making the day work.

Thanks to wardens and colleagues for their ability to be there and make the events just happen.

Any photos of these two days can be posted on to the parish office or my email.

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