Mother’s Union Flower Festival Photos

This week has seen the Wakefield diocesan Mother’s Union Flower Festival within St.Peter’s Church.

If you haven’t managed to make it along to look at the splendid displays that are on show, don’t worry. Below are a selection of photos showing off the beautiful arrangements and demonstrating the hard work that has gone in to putting the festival together.

20120812-123736 PM.jpg

20120812-123811 PM.jpg

20120812-123842 PM.jpg

20120812-123906 PM.jpg

20120812-123936 PM.jpg

20120812-124005 PM.jpg

20120812-124100 PM.jpg

20120812-124126 PM.jpg

20120812-124152 PM.jpg

20120812-124240 PM.jpg

20120812-124314 PM.jpg

20120812-124341 PM.jpg

20120812-124403 PM.jpg

20120812-124435 PM.jpg

20120812-124459 PM.jpg

20120812-124524 PM.jpg

20120812-124556 PM.jpg

20120812-124631 PM.jpg

20120812-124700 PM.jpg

20120812-124730 PM.jpg

20120812-124754 PM.jpg

20120812-124818 PM.jpg

20120812-124902 PM.jpg

The festival closes this evening with a service of Evensong at 6:30pm. All are welcome.

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