Prayer and Worship resources for use at Home

In this unprecedented time churches around the world have had to suspend all public gatherings, including services and worship. Huddersfield Parish Church is no different in that regard. It does not mean, however, that we stop being ‘The Church’. Rather, we are invited to experiment – and be creative – with praying, worshipping and serving…


Update on the Opening of Church Church Open for Private Prayer We are currently open 2-3pm, Monday to Friday. So far this is going well and the procedures put in place by the PCC are working well. Visitors may enter the church following clearly signposted safety guidance and use the area of the church designated…

Burns’ Supper

A reminder in the Christmas rush – a splendid social event in January. Look out for the sign up sheet in St. Peter’s or ring the Parish Office.

Choir Robed

HPC choir has been extended over the last year with a junior section rehearsing first on their own and then with the senior choir. On Advent they wore their robes for the first time and were ‘admitted’ before the gathered congregation. New junior and senior members are welcome to apply – speak to the Vicar…

December and January Magazine

Latest edition of HPC’s Parish Magazine Dec 17 and Jan 18 MagazineLRES_5d3c7736-5234-4666-b2fc-5c1e61c94907SELRES_48e75c33-1a88-4a35-821e-1d87444aeb6fSELRES_107be9ef-2175-438a-bb60-0436111c1badSELRES_107be9ef-2175-438a-bb60-0436111c1badSELRES_48e75c33-1a88-4a35-821e-1d87444aeb6fSELRES_5d3c7736-5234-4666-b2fc-5c1e61c94907