Today is Good Friday

Christians gather at Huddersfield Parish and then follow a cross around the town centre. A hundred or so individuals witness to the death of Jesus upn that cross. Come and share this solemn occasion.

Ecumenical Witness

On Good Friday morning, Churches together in Huddersfield Town Centre begin the annual Walk of Witness around the streets of Huddersfield. A huge cross is carried around the route and the selections telling of Jesus’ last hours are read at various stations. Others services of meditation and action take place at Huddersfield Parish Church in…

Event – Pentecost Party

A a member of Churches Together in Huddersfield Town Centre St. Peter’s is a part of the festival this Saturday. Huddersfield Town Centre on the grass beside the Library. Come along and join the party!!

Good Friday

First a walk of witness around Huddersfield town centre.  10.15 to 12.00 noon. A two hour visual and active meditation on the story of Jesus over his last days. Then the Liturgy of the Cross over the ‘Last Hour.’ So many ways of marking this day. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO WITNESSED AND WAITED AND…