Lent 2016

The next group of posts are all the resources that Huddersfield Parish Church are offering during Lent. They will be posted in small parcels and then again on the ‘Lent 2016’ tab. Join s at St. Peter’s in a broad observance of Lent 2016

Lent Overview

Huddersfield Parish Church is resourcing Lent with different styles of study, prayer and action. What will you take on this Lent?

Diocesan Resoures

Lent 2016 – Confident, Growing, Changing: A Vision for our Diocese Confident Christians – Growing Churches – Changing Communities   You can take part in the Diocesan Lent Course by following the link below. West Yorkshire and the Dales Lent Book There is a questionnaire response form to complete if you are able. Questionnaire Further…

Lent 2015 – Impressions From St. Pete’s

Taking the lead from the resources we are using during Lent, the ‘Thought for the Day’ on ‘Impressions From St. Pete’s’ will reflect themes and ideas from the various books, films and music. Just click on the link on the right!

Lent 2015 – Overview

At Huddersfield Parish Church this Lent there are a number of way of nudging a little closer to God. this is an overview, the detail will be posted soon. Keep an eye on the ‘Lent’ tab for a complete rundown of what is on offer all in one place.

Lent 2015 – Prayers in Lent

Each week day at 8.30am – Morning Prayer or 4.00pm – Evening Prayer Why not drop into St. Peter’s and experience a rhythm of prayer. Why not just sit at home and us the link at the bottom right of this page which will take you to the words and readings that will be used…