Our Social

Beer, (it’s description, sometimes true and sometimes false), some curry (not hot but rather flavoursome) and some conversation between friend. “An easy night!”           D               

Palm Sunday Gallery 1

Palm Sunday at St. Peter’s A gallery of images from the Palm Sunday Liturgy at Huddersfield Parish Church

Christmas Nativity and Crib Services

Families and children wonder in the story of Christ’s birth as they take part in services at St.Peter’s during Christmas. In the first service, a Nativity scene is slowly built around the altar as the rest of the congregation sings the well known verses of ‘O Come All Ye Faithful.’ In the second, children informally…

Church BBQ 2013

The weather held! The company (and the food) was good! The pictures are below!

Past Vicars of Huddersfield

Over 100 years of photographs of the Vicars of Huddersfield. We await the contribution from the present vicar and Rev’d Canon Brian McGuire.

Epiphany – Before the Trees Came Down

The Memorial Service on Epiphany Evening was stately and solemn. Hymns were sung, prayers said and over three hundred names were read out before candles were lit in remembrance. Attached are a number of photographs catching something of the grandeur before the Christmas Trees were dismantled.

Unusual Offerings

Two unusual offerings were laid on the altar at St. Peter’s during the last week. The first was a copy of ‘Memory Lane’ from the Huddersfield Examiner and showed the side chapel screen being erected. Having trouble finding the link on the web, your attention is drawn to the notice board level with the hymn…