New Style, One Friday Only!

New to Huddersfield Parish Church for Fridays in Lent. Using some music not normally found in an Anglican church, alongside the words of a simple Eucharist and a little scripture. This Friday, a selection of folk and roots music, the details are below. After the setvice a little social. All welcome!  “Rescue Me” Breabach “The…

Secular Music and Masses

 A definition of music: “Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.”:    Over the last couple of year during Lent we have offered contemporary and classical music as a resource by which we may listen and be inspired. Last year a number…

Wonderful Christingle Eucharist

Shine Jesus Shine, Sing Christingle, Hail Gladdening Light and a Stanford Nunc Dimmittis. A church circled with folk holding Christingles, a puppet and a formal communion. Ceremony, daftness, wonderful eclectic music mix and a family together closing Christmas and celebrating light.           

Burns Night

Good food, singing, poetry and dance. A cracking evening by all accounts.                                                                  

Guest Preacher for Evensong.

Sunday 17 January at 3pm our Choral evensong is graced with the presence and preaching of the Rev’d David Earl. A quiet service held in the choirs stalls, the normal congregation number 20 individuals. Collect the books from the door and make your way into the chancel area.

Mothers Union Prayer Vigil

Hosted at Huddersfield Parish Church – including a Eucharist at 12.35pm 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence