HPC Chorister’s Art Exhibition

Alice Crawford McKinty has been a regular member of the choir at Huddersfield Parish Church over the last year or so. In that time she has also used different space in St Peter’s for inspiration and the differing light throughout the day to influence her creations. Contemporary art has many facets and Alice is using…


From now until the beginning of February Huddersfield Parish Church is host to an Art Exhibition by Emma Horsfield. St. Peter’s is open every day -“Come and take a look!”   

New Year

Huddersfield Parish Church has a well advertised policy of being ‘Open, Warm and Welcoming!’ Our starting point is that as a town centre church is that we are open most days. Being open is fundamental to the other two tags. Folk wander in intentially, for the quiet, for the space or for holy atmosphere of…

Fellowship Through Art.

The whole of this week – 16th – 21st October – Huddersfield Parish Church – is hosting an Art Exhibition. Local Artists most who gather in the Crypt at St. Peter’s each Tuesday are displaying their works. Their weekly meeting evolved from the Coop Art Group that closed after many years of being tutored by Betty Thornton.