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Easter Sunday

8.00am BCP Communion

3.00pm Choral Evensong



Evensong Society at Huddersfield Parish Church


As an Evensong Society begin to take shape at Huddersfield Parish Church – every Sunday afternoon at 3pm some form of Evensong now takes place – no two weeks are the same. There are visiting choirs and organists, guest preachers and speakers, sometimes fully choral and sometimes quiet and meditative.

This Sunday – 23 February, we welcome the                                                                      ‘Huddersfield friends of Church Music’ to St. Peter’s.

The service will include:

Responses: John Sanders
Psalm 18 vv 21-30
Canticles: Stanford in C
Anthem: O Thou the Central Orb – Charles Wood



Choral Evensong


Have you an hour to spare this Sunday Evening?
Do you like ‘Evensong’ in the choral tradition?

This Sunday Evening – 5 May – at Huddersfield Parish Church – there will be a service of Choral Evensong.
The choir will be fed, rehearsed and ready for this traditional service.

Conversations are underway for the Autumn term for a more regular evensong at St Peter’s.

Would you be interested in an ‘Evensong Society’ – to worship or even join a choral group?

Please come along this Sunday or make contact.

Wakefield Cathedral Tour.

Wakefield Cathedral is undergoing a major refurbishment and during the period of restricted use of All Saints Cathedral, the Clergy and Choir are ‘touring’ the deaneries of the Diocese of Wakefield, taking their choral tradition to the larger churches of each district.

Friday 30th November, beginning at 7pm, worship through ‘Choral Evensong’ will be held in Huddersfield Parish Church. Congregations from the Deanery of Huddersfield and anyone who marvels at this form of worship are invited to this event.

With the beautiful music and in the cathedral tradition we are looking forward to a spectacle which once would have been common place in many large Anglican churches throughout West Yorkshire in days gone by.

Rev’d Canon Simon Moor commented on the event, “To listen to Choral Evensong takes me back to my roots, an ancient worship pattern beautifully sung. Music with passion and precision – worship indeed.”