Here you will find the current edition of ‘Network Magazine’, the magazine of St.Peter’s Parish Church and the Huddersfield Methodist Mission

Magazine_October/November 2018

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Dec 17 Jan 18 MagazineLRES_5d3c7736-5234-4666-b2fc-5c1e61c94907SELRES_48e75c33-1a88-4a35-821e-1d87444aeb6fSELRES_107be9ef-2175-438a-bb60-0436111c1badSELRES_107be9ef-2175-438a-bb60-0436111c1badSELRES_48e75c33-1a88-4a35-821e-1d87444aeb6fSELRES_5d3c7736-5234-4666-b2fc-5c1e61c94907

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Oct/Nov 2014 Magazine

Advertisers remember, featuring your advert in our magazine means that it will also feature in electronic form here at the website. You therefore have the potential to reach the audience of over 65,000 people who have viewed our site since it’s launch!

If you would like to place an advertisement in the church magazine or have any other ideas or suggestions for contributions or content, please get in touch with Peter Chadwick, Magazine Editor via the parish office. Contact details feature here on the website.


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