Annual Reports & Accounts 2022-2023

The Annual Parish Meeting is due to be held this Sunday (30th April 2023) during the 10:00am Eucharist. As part of this, the Church is required to present its accounts and a report of it’s business every year. However, our annual reports aren’t just about the legalities and finances; we’ve celebrated all that we have been able to do and what we plan to do in the upcoming year. Below you will find a copy of the Vision Document (which details what we aim to do by 2025), our Annual Report (which celebrates what the various committees and groups have achieved this year) and the Financial Report (which includes the income and expenditure of the church and how the money has been managed in the past year).

The Vision Document

This document sets out the PCC’s aims for Huddersfield Parish Church by 2025. Since the first vision day in 2021, there has been another to reflect on how the journey has started.

The Annual Report

The Annual Report is a collation of entries from the different groups and committees within the church. It highlights the key areas they have worked on in the past year and what their vision for the future is.

The Financial Report

The Financial Report is produced in accordance with the guidelines of The Charities Act 2011 (incorporating SORP 2015). This details the income and expenditure of the church and how funds have been collated and moved throughout the year.

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