All Souls – Loved and Lost

On Sunday October 30th there will be a special memorial service at 3pm, remembering those who we have loved and those whose lives have touched our own who have now died.

Many of us have lost loved ones in the last few years and have been unable to say proper goodbyes. Often life continues around us and there is little chance to take time and space to acknowledge that grief continues. Grief changes and the ways we deal with missing people change, but we still miss them.

Because of what we believe and hope about Jesus, the church creates a space for that missing and remembering. We do this at all times, but especially at this time of year, and at this special service.

Whether your loss is recent or long ago – whether you think of yourself as a religious person or not – you are warmly invited and will be warmly welcomed to this service. There will be hymn singing, prayers for all who mourn and for the loved ones who have died, and the lighting of candles as the names of our loved ones are read aloud.

If you would like the name of your loved one to be read at this service, please call us on 01484 427964, or email us at before Friday October 28th with your name and contact details, and the name of the loved one you would like to be read out.

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