Epiphany 3 – The Wedding at Cana – Sermon and Bible Study resources from Rev’d Carol.

The Marriage at Cana – Paolo Veronese, 1563 – exhibited at The Louvre, Paris

Sunday’s readings were 1 Corinthians 12.1-11 and John 2.1-11

“Mary Did You Know?” is a song you may have heard – a song which asks Mary if she knew how amazing her baby boy would become. Well reading today’s Gospel the answer would seem to be ‘yes’. Mary is the one who initiates the conversation regarding the lack of wine during the wedding feast at Cana.  She prompts Jesus by telling him that there is no more wine. At first Jesus is reluctant to do anything telling his mother “What business is that to you or to me? My time has not yet come”

According to one commentary this may have been Christ’s reluctance to begin any signs because He knew that the first miracle would start the countdown to his crucifixion.  We don’t know if that is the case but it does give a possible explanation for his hesitation and the fact he consequently went ahead.

As Mary had already spoken to the servants about it and told them to do as Jesus said, we can maybe read that as Him knowing that he had to do this.

 So Jesus said to fill up six large stone jars with water. Having done that Jesus then tells them to draw some liquid off and present it to the chief steward. I wonder how the servants felt at that point? But they need not worry because by this time the water in the jars has become wine. Not just any mediocre, second-class wine, but THE very best. Having tried this wine, the steward spoke to the bridegroom and congratulated him on saving the best wine to the last. Unlike most cases where the best is served first and the lesser quality served when the guests have got to the point where they won’t notice.

We have so much to learn from this passage.

One, the fact that in Christ we can all become the very best possible people we can be.

Two, we need to have Christ in our lives to be the best we can.

Three, that the gift we have in Christ is to be shared with others.

God doesn’t produce second best but the best.  When we let him He will produce the best of us too. We must be open to Him for that to happen.

But that gift is given for sharing, sharing with others to allow them to be transformed too.

We need to be prompted by Christ to begin the process and we then need to prompt others. Remembering that Christ paid the price for our sin, our wrongdoing, not just for one person but for anyone who takes up the invitation. We don’t need to buy an animal to pay the price of our sin on our behalf. Christ did that. That is the news that needs to be given to others.

We are taught that we need to share all we have for the good of the community. Last week I preached at another church, on a passage from James, where he tells the new Christians that the poor should rejoice in the high place they have in Christ, that the rich should be joyous in their humiliation. Being rich in monetary terms is not the issue, the issue is how that wealth is viewed, if the wealth is kept secret or for personal gain that is not the way God asks of us. The same applies to the Good News we need to share it. Keeping it to ourselves is not much good, but passing it along is. Any good gift is too good not to share. We need to do that with the wonderful gift that Christ is. That is what all the signs were about, to show what a gift he is to all who are in receipt. Let’s share that as we go about our days.  Amen.

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