The Liturgy of Maundy Thursday

In order that we might participate in the Liturgy of Maundy Thursday together, we have prepared a video of worship and music that you can watch and join in with together with us. You will be able to participate our Facebook Page and our YouTube channel from 7:30pm on Thursday, 9th April.

In addition, an abbreviated service booklet has been prepared that you can view, download and use to follow the video service as it progresses. We hope that all these tools and resources that we are fortunate to be able to use will allow you to experience something of the joy and solemnity of our corporate worship, and the nourishment and sustenance of Holy Communion.

Maundy Thursday Links and Resources
YouTube channel:
Facebook page:
Maundy Thursday booklet:

This year The Watch will be kept by Rev’d Canon Rachel and other members of our community in their own homes during the evening of Maundy Thursday. There will be regular readings posted on Facebook throughout the evening. The Watch will end on Facebook live at 12am.

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