Update on the Opening of Church

Church Open for Private Prayer
We are currently open 2-3pm, Monday to Friday for private prayer. So far this is going well and the procedures put in place by the PCC are working well. Visitors may enter the church following clearly signposted safety guidance and use the area of the church designated for private prayer.

Church Open for Worship
We are currently working carefully to a new schedule of services, some of which will take place online, some of which will take place in the church building in a way that is designed to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.

You can see our new schedule of services for July and August 2020 by clicking here.

All our plans will take into account our desire to be open, warm and welcoming, to be inclusive, to share in the sacrament, to keep the highest standard of worship we are able to maintain and to do all these things safely.

Please contact the Vicar or the Parish Office if you have any questions or concerns.

Parish Office:
Revd Canon Rachel Firth:

Please continue to pray for us and all faith communities in our town as we move forward with this.

As the Archbishops have wisely said, these precautions are taken because of our responsibility to love our neighbours (not to contribute in any way to the spreading of the COVID-19 corona virus).

It does not mean, however, that we stop being ‘The Church’. Rather, we are invited to experiment – and be creative – with praying, worshipping and serving differently. Some excellent online resources for daily prayer can be found on the Church of England’s website, and via a prayer and worship resource for use at home that is available here on our own website.

Please take every precaution to keep yourself safe and well, including good hygiene and by refraining from physical contact with others.

Our overall aim will be to offer support to those who need it, and the opportunity to continue connecting with God through the ministry of the church throughout the coming days.

Please join us in praying for all who may feel anxious at this time. Please do contact us via telephone, through the website or our social media channels if you need to.

With love and every blessing throughout this unprecedented time.

Prayer and worship for use at home: Please click here to access and download

Telephone us: 01484 427964

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