Explore Churches initiative recognises Huddersfield Parish Church

Explore Churches, a new initiative by the National Churches Trust, has added Huddersfield Parish Church to its list of churches in the United Kingdom that are worthy of exploration.

St. Peter’s listing on the Explore Churches website notes the church’s “captivating architecture”, “spectacular stained glass”, “glorious furnishings” and “enchanting atmosphere.”

Designed by Mr. J.P. Pritchett of York, the current church is the third on the site and was opened in 1836. In 2019 several newly restored stained glass windows depicting saints were recognised as being of particular historic significance owing to the age and type of glass used in their design.

The National Churches Trust say of Explore Churches: “Our vision for ExploreChurches is for it to become the central hub for church tourism across the United Kingdom. It will be fully integrated with tourism, heritage and church sectors, and the source for information about open and accessible churches, chapels and meeting houses for visitors and local people.

“The UK has a wonderful national collection of churches, chapels and meeting houses peppered across the countryside and nestling in our towns. Perhaps this is why visiting churches (both old and new) is one of the most popular pastimes in the country.”

You can visit the Explore Churches website by clicking here.

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