From the Tower

Two events from the tower at St. Peter’s.

We ring each Tuesday evening from 7.30pm to 9.00pm and visitors of any experience or none are always made welcome and included in the ringing – everything from Rounds to Royal. 


Armistice Day

We gathered on the 11th November at 1pm to ring half muffled for Armistice Day. This was recorded in the tower book as shown below.


Quarter Peal.

Yorkshire Association – Huddersfield, West Yorkshire – St Peter’s Church
Thursday, 9 November 2017 in 47 mins (11–3–22)
1260 Doubles – Half Muffled Bells
540 Grandsire, 480 Plain Bob 120 St. Martins 120 St. Simons

1. Stuart Mills
2. Lorraine Trebble
3. John Spencer
4. Simon A Moor
5. Alan Trebble (C)
6. Jonathan Duxbury

First on his home bells – 6
Rung in union with “Jimmy’s Bell” on completion of Mandy Taylor’s radiotherapy.
Rung half muffled in memory of Almondbury ringer Francis Colley and Kirkburton’s
Leslie Hannam who both recently passed away.
Also for Remembrance.


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