Asylum seekers weekend away

Simon and Sam’s charity are running another project and we would appreciate your prayers:

This year’s project is with a mixed group of 25-40 year olds from all over the world with a range of faiths. All are in varying stages in the process of applying for asylum in the UK. Many from the war torn Middle East, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and some of Kurdish decent. We have been unable to hire Scargill house this year due to their very successful and busy programme so we are trying out a new venue-Grassington Bunk barn. We can use our regular climbing and abseil spots and Scargill have kindly agreed to let us have our campfire and sleep out on their land. We are very lucky to have our two newest trustees Rev Tina and Fr Jack join us this year, along with our son George.

So please pray for:

  • All the people who have and will come on the project, that Across Country can be a valuable part of Gods relationship with them
  • All the Across Country staff and trustees that they can serve the people on the projects as Christ serves, with compassion and the healing love of God.
  • The group in the new venue and that we can make the most of its own unique opportunities and challenges.

So please pray that:

 That Adventure and stillness can give all in the group space to reflect, to grow and build relationships and resources that will help them to process trauma from the past and sustain them in the challenges ahead.

  • Simon, Sam and their son George and can work well together for the good of each other and the group.

Please thank God for:

 The money that has enabled the projects to go ahead

  • Safety on all projects
  • Our strong link with St Augustine’s,
  • Transformations in people’s lives, especially the ones ACross Country has been involved in.

Thank you for all your support in prayer and practical ways

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