Choir Director’s Job Description

Huddersfield Parish Church

Choir Director’s Job Specification 


  1. To work with the vicar on all matters concerning the musical life of Huddersfield Parish Church.
  2. When requested attend PCC meetings. The post holder will ensure awareness of developments in the life of the church and PCC planning and strategies.
  3. Together with the vicar and organist, select hymns, music and anthems for services, and other acts of Divine Worship.
  4. Broaden the liturgical music repertoire of Huddersfield Parish Church. Teaching and encouraging the congregation with new musical settings.
  5. Work with the vicar, to arrange ‘special’ services and events. This may include working with other choirs and musicians involved in these services and events.
  6. To recruit choir members – both choral scholars and potential musicians.
  7. To train and motivate choir members.
  8. To lead choir practices and to keep a register of attendance.
  9. To maintain appropriate standards of behaviour of choir members at all times.
  10. To be responsible for the working of the choral scholarship scheme, liaising with the vicar and treasurer if there are specific problems.
  11. To organise organ/choral/musical recitals and the promotion of them.
  12. To be responsible for the maintenance and development of the Church music library.
  13. To abide with the policies of the Diocese and the Church including the Children and Vulnerable Adult Policy and the health and safety policy of the Church.
  14. The post is subject to a clear DBS.

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