New Year

Huddersfield Parish Church has a well advertised policy of being ‘Open, Warm and Welcoming!’

Our starting point is that as a town centre church is that we are open most days. Being open is fundamental to the other two tags.

Folk wander in intentially, for the quiet, for the space or for holy atmosphere of St. Peter’s; or they just ‘bob in’ because the see the light on and the door ajar, or they like the look of the building, or they have an immediate need and are drawn.

Yesterday a local student, her home in London, spent a couple of hours sitting, praying before the nativity scene and working at her studies. She found this place and then found comfort in its holiness. “When is the church open?” She ask hesitantly. When I told her every day she lit up.

I felt something had clicked for her, a quiet and still resting place for the New Year.

Feel free to come in and spend a moment in the busy town of Huddersfield. In January watch out for the posts on the art exhibition. Why not come along to one of our services or events?
The Rev’d Canon Simon Moor

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