Pop Up Shop

In September last year, St Peter’s occupied an empty shop unit in the Pack Horse Centre with the aim of making some money for the church and also raising our profile within the town.
We found that there were two other major spin offs to the week. Firstly, the exercise involved the whole of St Peter’s family. People donated goods, carried boxes to and from, helped to sell in the shop, some came to have a look, and this attracted others in to see what was happening. This all meant that everyone had contributed and were interested to hear how things had gone. The second spin off was the mission part of the work which was a bigger aspect than we had first anticipated. Many conversations took place about the church building, the Saturday coffee mornings, “Back to Church Sunday” and the shop itself. Many passing folk just wanted to stay and chat a while. It is not known how many people had been touched by our efforts, but it was very clear that we should not underestimate this aspect of the week’s work.
Because of the success of this venture we are planning to do the same again: the dates are Monday 27th September to Saturday 3rd October. Please come and drop in to see what is happening during the week if you’re passing.
We are also accepting donations of non-perishable goods to the Methodist Welcome Centre as part of our Harvest Festival celebrations.

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