Lent 2015 – The Vicar’s Hope

That will be something of a theme in this Lenten season at Huddersfield Parish Church.  So often God says, ‘Meet me half way’ or even ‘Glance my way’. It seems to me that if we can look to even inch closer to God, then I’m sure that we will not be let down with the results.

There has been prepared a simple set of prayers to be used in the Lenten season. Just a ten minute aside in the quiet or the noise of the daily routine is enough to meet God halfway.

If you are reading one of the books suggested for Lent, or watching one of the films, enabling thoughts of the issues contained in their story; or you may be listening to the different pieces of music chosen from the ‘classical’ and ‘modern’ eras; or indeed choosing to have a practical leaning to your Lent– use the prayers before you begin. If a good number of people from our church and others we have contact use the resources and therefore the prayers —how towards meeting God ‘halfway’ could be developed?

Finally as lent approaches I want each to think about receiving requests for prayer. On one level that means keeping ears and eyes open for people and situations, either letting the clergy know, praying through such situations yourself or perhaps posting them on the prayer board at the back of church. We are not asking for money or anything else, we are not ‘bible-bashing ‘ or trying to convert the general population, the aim would be to bring back concerns or joys for prayer.

Simon (the elder and larger.)

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