Pop Up Shop

The starting point was to collect items that new students at Huddersfield University might find useful as they arrive in the town.

Over the summer pots and pan, rugs and blanket, folders and books were collected and stored.

After yesterday’s service the young and fit carried the ‘stock’ into the ‘Pack Horse Centre’ to open the first day of the ‘Pop Up Shop’.

Mike Bembridge said after a full day at the shop:

“Today has been rewarding, lots of sales, lots of talk about football and some other interesting conversations. We have spoken to some students and have given out some leaflets showing what St. Peter’s church has to offer.”

The shop will be covered by other members of the congregation during the whole week.

Come along for a chat and why not come see St. Peter’s, as our church remains open during the day – 8.30am – 4.00pm.

A quiet space in a busy town enter



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