Curate Ordained at Wakefield Cathedral

Saturday 5th July Simon Crook the latest curate at Huddersfield Parish Church is to be ordained at Wakefield Cathedral. Please hold Simon and his family in your prayers as they begin their time at St. Peter’s.



Below is a brief entry that was to be found in a previous issue of the parish magazine.


Having visited the church and met with some of you, it is with pleasure that I look forward to my curacy beginning.

Before training at Mirfield, my wife and I lived in Slaithwaite for 11 years with our 3 children, while I taught in a Pupil Referral Unit in Huddersfield. Prior to that, we spent 3 years in South Africa working voluntarily, mostly having adventures with children on a very remote and basic farm – they grew dirty on the outside but taller on the inside.

I am an occasional organist, a beginner bell-ringer, I enjoy walking and rock climbing when time permits. My wife, Sam, is a counselor. Jude, my eldest daughter, is thirteen and enjoys being artistic and wants to be vet. George, ten, my son, is more logical and mathematical, Micah, my youngest daughter at eight, has quite a flair for dance and drama among other things.

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