Lent 2014 – What’s On Offer


As a community of Christians how does Lent mark us out as God’s faithful?

Observance of a Holy Lent is seen as taking on a task by which we may learn a little, question ourselves, pray some and prepare for Holy Week and Easter.

What is it that we do differently in the season of Lent? Our aim should be to take to heart the call to repentance and acceptance of forgiveness. The outcome? We should grow in faith and love of God.

Traditionally Huddersfield Parish Church has facilitated Lent through a scripturally based course for individuals to use at home alone, in intimate home groups or during a number of organised parish sessions.

This year’s Lent observance and preparation is being presented in a much more radical and broader format. It is hoped that more people will be tempted into dipping their toe into reading, watching, listening, making and therefore meditating on God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit – forgiveness and faithful development this Lent.

The Resources – prayer cards, books ,CDs , DVDs, patterns and material and bible study note are available from the parish office, at Sunday Service or can be purchased off of the internet.

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