Lent 2014 – Reading


Four books have been chosen and offered in the hope that your conversations with each other and God may be inspired. The books are of varying length, subjects and styles. All available to borrow from the parish library or purchase on Amazon etc.

Hearing Jesus – Joyce Huggett

Lent reading 1

This book explores the stories of The Sower and The Good Samaritan. If you think you know these stories, think again! Joyce draws us through her own meditations and background knowledge to consider ways in which God speaks to us and guides us. Her insightful questions and section headings take us to new and exciting places – always rooted and the reality of living!

The Little World of Don Camillo
– Giovanni Guareschi

Lent reading 2

These short stories tell us, with humour, directness and compassion, of the fiery world of clashes in the sleepy Po Valley between the parish priest Don Camillo and the Communist mayor Peppone in their battle for the best for their people in post war Italy. Both are strong in body and temperament, never satisfied until the limits of insult and honour are equally met, and as the sparks fly Don Camillo often pours out his soul to Christ on the Cross behind the altar, being guided, rebuked and challenged and comforted by Christ’s replies. Each short story, complete in itself, is full of humour and thought-provoking honesty. New insights on people, faith and life emerge through the chuckles.

The Shack – William P. Young

Lent reading 3

This novel tells of the break down of a family when a much loved child is taken and killed. Mack, the father of Missy, implodes and zombie-like leads a miserable existence. His encounters with God turn our misconceptions about forgiveness, grace and reconciliation on their head. A good story, an easy read and yet powerful in the questions it poses. A book that you will have to talk about with someone else.

Reading the Ten Commandments
Anew: Towards a Land of Freedom
– Brother John of Taize

Lent reading 4

This is perhaps a more academic book, which is nevertheless easy to read and quite accessible. Taize is a religious community in France that has reconciliation at its heart. Brother Jonathan has lived in this community and has been one of a number of theologians who write from experience of speaking the Gospel to young people of many races, creeds and languages. Brother John’s style is ultimately accessible and approaches the 10 Commandments not from a “Thou shalt not…”, perspective, but from the boundaries in which Israel and we are able to move and think. A common sense look at the freedom that God gives us and why we can cherish, even in the 21st century, the direction and hope of the 10 Commandments.

The Resources – prayer cards, books ,CDs , DVDs, patterns and material and bible study note are available from the parish office, at Sunday Service or can be purchased off of the internet.

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