How to Prepare for a Sermon!

house group

How do you begin house groups in a congregation that more often than not lives outside the parish boundaries and could reside in any number of communities or valleys with  360 degrees of the church?

 Next Wednesday we will begin at one address, at one time, on one particular day. The place – the home of Vivienne Gill (ring the office 427964 for directions) Wednesday 11th September @ 07.30pm.

 In church this Sunday there are two sheets on offer this Sunday. One is an introduction to the ways in which the Gospel reading for the following Sunday may be read and  understood, another containing the text and some guided questions.

 Now you may not wish to or indeed may not be able to join a house group because of inclination or distance but that need not prevent you from joining in.

 This Sunday or any time you are in St. Peter’s, pick up a copy of the sheets and when you have a quiet, spare moment look at the reading.

 Our hope is that some of the congregation may also meet up for a coffee and consider the coming Sunday’s gospel reading – what would you say as part of a sermon?

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