Open Door Event – Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Churc

Next month (from 4 August to the 22nd August) St Peter’s will be host to a group of Christians from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. This church usually meets at St. Thomas’ on Manchester Road on a Sunday afternoon.

During the summer the Ethiopian Orthodox church traditionally holds a festival of prayer, fasting and worship. Unfortunately, this year St. Thomas’ is out of commission due to roof repairs and Huddersfield Parish Church has agreed to loan space for the festival.

Other than when St. Peter is in use for our worship and events, the Ethiopian Orthodox Community will be in residence 24 hours a day with prayer, fasting, singing and Celebrations of the Mass according to Ethiopian Orthodox Rites.

The Lady Chapel and the Long Room will be occupied during the period, so our Wednesday Eucharist will be celebrated at the Nave altar.

St Peter’s will remain open to visitors during this time and encouraged to listen, take part or use the available space for their own prayer and contemplation.

There will be further information at the back of church and on the pew ends during this festival.

For further information why not look up the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church on the web or clink on the link below.

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