International Speaker Visits St. Peter’s

A4 Flyer St Peter's HuddersfieldEveryone is welcome. Come and find out about CMJ -The Church’s Ministry amongst Jewish People.  We are one of the nine Anglican Missionary Societies. In 2013 the work crosses all denominations.

Beginning in 1809, CMJ is nearly 204 years old. William Wilberforce, Lord Shaftesbury, Queen Victoria’s father, the Duke of Kent and Charles Simeon were amongst those who served CMJ as Vice Presidents, Presidents and members. Richard Wurmbrand, George Müller and Hannah Hurnard were also amongst CMJ’s members and workers.

With four centres in Israel and work in the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Argentina, South Africa Ireland, America, France and Holland, CMJ has a vibrant work worldwide.  Work is also beginning in India and one or two central African countries.


Michael Kerem is visiting the UK on a CMJ Deputation Tour along with his son, Josef. Michael’s wife is a Turkish– Armenian from an Orthodox family and Michael is Jewish.

Michael works as an Educational Consultant with National and International organizations in Israel and around the Middle East. He helps organizations with strategy and helps to train and advise, taking Michael into some interesting para-church and relief organizations, where his expertise is greatly valued.  Michael also uses his skills both in serving and teaching others to serve in the Messianic congregations of Israel. He serves on the leadership team of ‘Katzir,’ an Israeli National Youth Ministry, also with Melech Mamlachim and Darkei Avraham or ‘ At The Crossroads’ – a group of Believers both national and international serving God on the Isaiah 19 Highway.

Michael organized a conference at CMJ’s Christ Church in the Old City of Jerusalem in May 2012 which brought together pastors from countries all around Israel and also Jewish and Palestinian Believers and some from Turkey, Kurdistan and North Africa. Together in Jesus, they demonstrated the Real Peace Process for the Middle East with repentance, worship and fellowship together.

Michael’s message of reconciliation and of building God’s Kingdom in the Middle East is one not to be missed.

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