All Souls-tide Remembrance.

In the Christian Cycle,  All Souls is the time when we remember those from our community who have died. Friday 2nd November at 12.35pm there will be an extra Eucharist when name of the departed will be celebrated. Then on the evening of Sunday 3rd November there will be a simple evensong, where we will remember loved ones who have passed from this life into God’s wider Kingdom.

A personal letter will be written to those families who have suffered bereavement over the last year to invite them to publicly remember their loved ones. But anyone who wishes to remember family or friends is also invited to join in this service. Any additional names will be taken on the night to add to the list of names will be compiled in the weeks leading up to the date.

At a certain point in the service people will be asked to come forward and light a candle to symbolize the memories of those lost to us who are still very important and precious.

I hope you find these services both helpful and moving.

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