“Would you like to come to church with me?”

Millions of people who don’t go to church would say yes to an invitation from a friend. 

What if you were that friend? 

Who would you invite?

Back to Church Sunday has caught on in churches everywhere because it is so simple.  Since 2004 a quarter of a million people have said yes to the prayerful invitation of a friend.

Each year more churches take part and more people come back per church.  In 2011 in the Church of England 20 more people came to each church – across all denominations about 77,000 extra people altogether.

And at its heart it is the oldest idea of all, the one that made shepherds leave their flocks, fishermen leave their nets, and tax collectors climb out of trees.  Someone invited them.

Of course you can invite your friend to St. Peter’s any Sunday and every Sunday.  We should be the kind of church that wants to get better at invitation throughout the year, Back to Church Sunday is a dedicated day for this vision. Back to Church Sunday can help us take the shortest step in evangelism: inviting someone you know to something you love.

The invitation below is printable or can be picked up from church – please give it to someone or bring someone along this Sunday.

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