Welcome Guests

HMS Gambia Association

This Sunday Morning – 23rd September we shall be welcoming a gathering of the HMS Gambia Association. Association members who have links dating back to the Second World War  will be joined by the Sea cadets of T/S Gambia from Thorne, members of the RNA and RBL from Huddersfield and perhaps some local councillors. There will be 3 Standards paraded.

After the party service we have been invited to the Town Hall to view some memorabilia and to take refreshments.

HMS Gambia, a Colony Class Cruiser, was built by Swan Hunter on Tyneside and commissioned in 1942. She was part financed by contributions amounting to £42,000 from the people of Huddersfield.

After serving in Atlantic waters she was loaned to the Royal New Zealand navy and served with distinction in the Pacific Ocean and was present at the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay. On her return to the UK she had a further 7 commissions serving mainly in the Mediterranean and East Indies. Her final commission ended in December 1960 when she was paid off into the Reserve Fleet. The link with Huddersfield, Yorkshire and New Zealand are still strong ads shown by the Sea cadet Corps units T/S Gambia in Thorne and Auckland.

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