Ringing Tribute

The Bell at St. Peter’s were rung half muffled for the funerals of Private Anthony Frampton on Wednesday 2nd May and Private Daniel Wilford on Friday 4th May.

Thank you to those who gave up their time over the two days.

The bellringers who took part were:

Wed 2 May Fri  4 May
Sue   Holden Sue   Holden
Alan   Trebble Alan   Trebble
Lorraine   Trebble Lorraine   Trebble
Barry   Sullivan Margaret   Perrott
Edna   Sullivan Eric   Lord
Brian   Makeham Brian   Makeham
Janet   Crick Derrick Moorhouse
Malcolm   Wild Malcolm   Wild
Bill   Weston Stephen Littlewood
Stuart   Mills Christopher   Jones
Stephen   Littlewood Steph   Chestnut
Steph   Chestnut Gemma   Evans
Christopher   Jones Nick   Morton
Gemma   Evans Patricia   Kefford
Nick   Morton Raymond   Kefford
Patricia   Kefford
Raymond   Kefford

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