Zimbabwe Mothers Union Gathering 31st March

The disparate members of the Zimbabwean community gathered under the flag of the ZMU Inter-Denominational Meeting at St.Peters Church in Huddersfield. Below you’ll find a report, some photos and some media…

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Theme: Wonder Working God; Ephesians 3VS 20

The Zimbabwe Mothers’ Union Chaplain (Rev. L. Mutete) pointed out to the congregation that ‘Nothing is Impossible with God to those who believe and trust in the Lord’. He went on further demonstrating how powerful is the word of God and how this word can bring changes to the life of an individual. An illustration on how the Israelites crossed the Red Sea on dry land gave a true picture of how powerful the word of God is. “I will love you to the end” is a divine promise from God and as Christians, there is no doubt about the love of God. He is the Alpha and Omega, individuals can change but God remains the same. We should fear God not people.

A Woman who Fears God

This topic was covered by Zimbabwe Mothers’ inter-denominational team who emphasised on different issues around the life of a Christian woman and how a wife should participate in her daily life within the family. A woman is powerful: being reminded of Adam and Eva in the Garden of Eden; how Adam was convinced to break on God’s law. A Man can be driven to any situation by his wife. They emphasised that a woman should always seek to be guided by the Holy Spirit through praying so as to defeat the work of satin in a daily living. Relationship between husband and wife is a strong shield in the family. The main issue around this topic was about communication, respect as the husband being the head of the house as Christ is the head of the church. A good wife should practice and lead by example towards her children for them to grow in a Christian way.

An encouragement on believing and trusting in one God the almighty was also put across. What seemed a coincidence to Ruth and the woman at the well who gave water to Jesus is seen as God’s providence. The temptations that Job went through and Daniel, Meshach and Abednego who were thrown into the lions but God stretched his hand towards his people. God works through individuals to show his powers. Another example of God’ power can be seen between David, man who feared God against Goliath who feared the world. This helps to understand the importance of saving one God and how God can stand for his people in what ever situation they are in. The only way to be happy in Jesus is obedience, faith and trust.

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