Palm Sunday Experiences.

This weekend we will be celebrating Palm Sunday, whilst looking forward to the events of Holy Week and in particular Maundy Thursday.

We will begin by blessing palm crosses and then gently witnessing to Jesus arrival in Jerusalem by our community walking (weather permitting) around St. Peter’s gardens and then returning back into Church. We shall process behind a donkey (or donkey masked children) and will be offering palm crosses to those we pass.

Being outside our buildings shows something of our faith being beyond the church walls and formal worship, more importantly walking through the town brings the liturgy to life. We don’t just hear about Jesus entering Jerusalem, we do likewise.

Our service then continues and we move the account of Jesus final week onto the events of the Last Supper. As we listen to the Gospel reading from St John, volunteers will have their feet washed. From triumphant entry as king into Jerusalem Jesus then shows his servant role in the world. We witness the tension of these two extremes of Jesus mission and will hear the words of Jesus

“I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.”

Within these two settings, these physical actions, the Eucharist – Jesus own interpretation of the ‘Passover Meal’, becomes perhaps more physical, more poignant within the year’s cycle. A greater understanding of the flow of the events of the triumphal entry, through the washing of his disciple’s feet and the initiation of the Last Supper, all together in one unbroken flow.

Come and see, come and join in, come and experience.

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