The Wombel Report

Between 10am and 2pm on Sat 18th, during the Coffee Morning Plus, various bell-ringers came and tried this mock bell. With the computer programme taking pulses from the sensors on the ‘bell’ part,  different methods were possible on any number of bells. Not as easy as it seems as there are no realistic visual aids as you ring.

Some came and tried a single stroke and a few just rang in rounds. A couple hinted they may try a real bell in the future.

Next day the congregation were welcomed to the 10am Eucharist by the Wombel ringing – thank you Peter for your efforts.

Thanks to Brian who help construct the ‘Wombel’ and for showing how the computer part worked. To Danny and his help in taking the construction down.

We are hoping to have the ‘Wombel’ at the Spring Fayre – meantime see it in action as Gemma gets to grips with a method below, and both Peter and Stephanie in the gallery above.

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