A Day of Preparation

After cooking up some ashes at the beginning of the day (See Impressions from St. Petes) a long day ensued.

‘Say One for Me, Vicar’ had a reasonable response but was not as successful as envisioned. We received 50 or so prayers and the Huddersfield Examiner recorded the event.

The weather cut down on foot fall because the rain at times was horizontal and the wind constant. The prayer lilies as they opened were driven ashore to one end of the pool and beyond.

(Note to self – consider going inside next year – may be the ‘Kingsgate’ or ‘Packhorse’ shopping centres.)

Still the massive church doors were open, the sign clear and the uptake realistic for the venue and weather. Perhaps this ‘Say One for Me! Might be deployed at the Spring Fayre.

At the 12.35pm Holy Communion with Imposition of Ashes – 50+ gathered and as usual a fair number wandered in and out as the service commenced. This regular worship – timed to coincide with those taking a lunch break at 12.30pm – was a ‘special’ – hymns, organ and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Pie Jesu’. Leaving St Peter’s I wonder how many kept their ash crosses on display? More importantly how many committed to an observance of a Holy Lent in some way? (See Ash Wednesday Sermon)

The evening service had the same format as lunch time but with full music and choir. A broader experience then, with two anthems and a sung setting, gave a somewhat fuller and expansive atmosphere –more space for contemplation.

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