What are we to Learn in Lent?

What’s to do in Lent?

In our Lent Course this year we are going to look at the Theme of Hospitality, in shared groups with our friends in the Methodist Mission.

We are not looking to provide black and white answers to how we should respond to the Bibles call on hospitality, and there is a wonderful variety of text to guide and inform us. The material includes, video clips, music, practical exercises, questions, stories, texts, discussions, responses and actions – and a chance for fun! And coffee of course!


Mondays             10.45am – 12.15pm     (Mon Prayers 12.30pm optional)

Wednesdays      10.45am – 12.15pm    (Wed Holy Communion 12.35pm optional)

The groups will both be running the same material, and we could suggest that everyone sticks with their own community for the discussions. Or – are we willing to move out of our own places of familiarity and accept each other’s hospitality? Giving and receiving practically and in learning enriches us all. The groups don’t have to be static, so even if you settle for one of these days regularly and need to change for one week or more, then you can, without missing anything.

Evening Housegroups will continue:

Tuesdays                      Gledholt House Groups (see Stephen Day)

Thursdays                   St. Peter’s House Groups (see Simon Moor)


Hospitality is part of the important presence of both churches in our town.

The Mission provides social care and the way in which it offers a place of safety to the communities of Huddersfield. Such an ethos is a rallying point for Christian with the social gospel at their heart. A growing number of people are coming to help in the environment of the Methodist Mission. Hospitality of the Mission and those who serve there make hospitality an important theme to delve into over the Lenten period.

St Peter’s has our Sunday and Wednesday services that are welcoming and open. We have our Saturday ‘Hosting’ and the ability to enter into some simple hospitality moments. Our biggest congregation though is the hundreds of individuals that come through the doors each week. Those seeking silence, those seeking the holy, those seeking warmth, those seeking a place to pray, those seeking a listening ear….. Our basic hospitality is that the doors are open and the space within St. Peter’s is available.

We already offer so much. What more can we learn about this key theme of faith, and be richer in ourselves and in what we do?


There is a sheet at the back of St. Peter’s to indicate numbers and to help arrange evening groups – their times and venue.

The set times on a Monday and Wednesday mean that missing a date can mean that someone can organise themselves to be elsewhere in any given week. You may even decide just to take the resources home and go through the course on your own or indeed invite someone to join you!

We will try to ponder on the possibilities, the potential and the outworking of hospitality as a practice towards ourselves, neighbours and those we have yet to meet.

You’re Welcome!

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