Welcome for Yorkshire Baptist Association

Baptist Christians from all over Yorkshire gathered at St Peter’s, Saturday 28th January, to say farewell to Ernie Whalley, Regional Minister in the Yorkshire Baptist Association.

Over five hundred people gathered from all over the Yorkshire region to worship and mark the service of Ernie to the area. Individuals from his ministry and churches where he served, paid great tribute to the devotion and love that Ernie has shown over 40 years of ministry.

A worship band, sometimes with the church organ, led the worship and various ministers took part in the proceedings. There was then a fine spread offered in St Peter’s and the Methodist Mission before people made their way home.

Ernie and wife Mary are to reside in Huddersfield and Ernie is taking a leadership role at the national level of the Baptist Church.

For further details and possible photos try – http://www.yba.org.uk/

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