Huddersfield Festival of Light comes to St.Peter’s Gardens

As you will no doubt have noticed, this weekend is the Huddersfield Festival of Light, coinciding with St.Peter’s Christmas Fayre.

As part of the festival Huddersfield’s green spaces will bloom into a magical meadow of giant illuminated trees, plants and flowers, and St Peter’s Gardens will be no exception, providing a perfect place to stroll in the glow with family and friends.

These creations are the work of TILT installation artists who have displayed this work across Europe but not to UK audiences until now. The garden is supported by Welcome to Yorkshire, the county’s tourism agency.

The garden has been installed today, 2nd December, and a photo of the incredible spectacle is above. Why not come along and pop in to the Parish Church as part of your visit? The Christmas Fayre will open it’s doors at 10:30am on Saturday 3rd December.

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  1. Louise says:

    Is this the reason so many trees have been felled outside the church?

    1. Hi Louise – no, the trees have been felled by the council with a view to improving safety and security for members of the public using the gardens.

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