Welcome to St.Peter’s in 2011

A happy new year to you all from St.Peter’s church!

2011 promises to be an exciting year for us. It will see the appointment of a new vicar, along with the completion of the current ceiling repairs and organ renovation – the reason that you see scaffolding in church at the moment. Along with our usual packed calendar of events throughout the year, there is plenty for us to do and for you to be involved in.

Whatever your prospects or plans for the year ahead, please do remember that St.Peter’s can help you on your journey. The church is open from 9:30am to 4:00pm on weekdays and from 10:00am until 2:00pm on Saturdays. If you are seeking a moment of quiet contemplation during your busy schedule, please do come in and see us. You can light a candle, tour our historic building or simply sit and be still.

If you would like to worship with us, you can do so on Sundays at the 8:00am Holy Communion service that follows the Book of Common Prayer, or at the 10:00am Parish Communion that is designed for all ages. If you can’t make a Sunday, don’t worry, you can join us for a shorter lunchtime Communion service each Wednesday at 12:35pm.

If you would like to enquire in more depth about other aspects of the Church, please contact our Parish Office. You can telephone on 01484 427964 or e-mail at huddspc@btconnect.com

Finally, if you have the technology and are inclined to do so, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Simply search for the church and click to “like” or “follow” us. You can also advertise in our Church magazine, physical copies of which are sold at the church. After publication, a digital copy also appears here on the website, potentially reaching thousands of readers. If you would like to feature something in the magazine or advertise therein, please contact Peter Chadwick via the Parish office.

We wish you a happy and healthy year ahead and hope to see you soon!

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